American Dance Asylum

American Dance Asylum Announces

Bring It Home:

An artist residency program reconnecting performing artists with their hometowns in New York State
Curated/coordinated by Lois Welk, Artistic Director

With Bring It Home, we aim to support the artist’s process, make a case for arts education, soften America’s rural/urban social divide, and develop appreciation for the artist’s work in their hometown community.

Priority will be given to artists who grew up in a rural area, small town, or mid-sized city of New York State, and who have never before shared their art with their hometown community.

Bring it Home 2019 (the pilot)
Mark Schmidt / Corning NY Sept 9, 10, 11 2019 (Mon/Tue/Wed)
A 3-day creative residency

Rehearsal is open to the public each day from 1:30-2:30pm.
Pop in anytime during that hour and stay as long as you like.  
Location: 171’s Drake House, Studio Theater, 155 Cedar St. Corning, NY

Mark Schmidt (l), Remi Harris (r)
Photo credit: Jason River        

Originally from Monterey, New York (a small village north of Corning), Mark Schmidt is a choreographer, performer and educator who first found solace on the dance floors of New York’s 1990s gay clubs and underground house music scene.  He took his first formal dance class at 171 Cedar Arts in 1994 when guest artists from Colombia presented a three-day salsa workshop. (Little did he know his excitement about the workshop at 171 Cedar Arts would later reveal a passion that would turn into a career.) He graduated from Campbell-Savona High School and attended Corning Community College before moving to New York in 1996. He holds a BA with a concentration in Cultural Studies from the New School for Social Research and MFA in Performance and Choreography from SUNY Brockport. As a choreographer, he has presented work at Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, Sia Gallery, Chen Dance Center and Center for Performance Research in New York, and the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Bol Theater, and ArtLabJ in Detroit.  When not performing for other artists or creating his own work, he occasionally assists art director Reynaldo Davis Carter as a production assistant.  This has included sets for commercials and fashion publications Italian Vogue, Vs. Magazine, and L'Officiel. Mark is a cabaret law reform activist and formerly served as the curatorial committee vice chair at Dance Parade Inc. from 2014-2018.       

While in Corning, rehearsing at 171 Cedar Arts Center, Schmidt will be completing a new duet with dancer and artistic collaborator Remi Harris for a December premier in Brooklyn, NY.

The new work, Yes! Yes! Yes!, is inspired by the Loft, a legendary underground discotheque:  

“In the club or party one isn't simply dancing to music, but learning a code of ethics and cultural values expressed through dancing bodies. Yes! Yes! Yes! is an homage to the legendary Loft, an underground discotheque born in the post Stonewall era of the 1970s. Remi Harris and Mark Schmidt tell the story of this diverse dance community coming from the margins of society through movement, sound and set design. Yes! Yes! Yes! explores notions of democratic dance space, affirmation, and the ethic of freedom.”  -- Choreographer/Dancer Mark Schmidt

We envision Bring It Home residencies in multiple locations across NY State, connecting performing artists of all disciplines- theater, dance, music, circus, etc. with their hometown communities.

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