"6..5..4.." @ Clark Center
Lois Welk, Bill T Jones, Arnie Zane NYC 1977 Photo: Nate Tilleston


Parking Lot Dance
Lois Welk foreground, 1976, PC. unknown

Train Station Dance
Dance Choreography Lois Welk w/ assistance from Michael DiFonzo 1989
Artists Mary Ellen Lagana & Michale DiFonzo, PC Mary Ross

Unguarded Moment
Lois Welk, 1980, PC Mary Ross

Grand Waltz
Nick Leichtner, Mark Schmetterer, Gabriel Bobek, Mindy Heywood 1989
Choreography Lois Welk, PC Unknown



Unguarded Moment
Lois Welk 1980 @ Roberson Center, Binghamton, NY, PC: Mary Ross

Lois Welk & Bill T Jones
@ Whitney Center for Dance, Binghamton, NY 1976
PC: Unknown

Don Sturdy & the Mystery of the Future
on bench (l to r): Cindy Cotten, Mary Ellen Lagana
jumping: Bill T. Jones, on floor (l to r): Caren Calder, Cheryl Brozost, Lois Welk 
Choreography Lois Welk, 1978, PC: Bob Lyon

American Dance Asylum